Welcome to Golden Loans

Do you need quick cash but has bad credit to worry about? You are not alone. Thousands of borrowers in the UK today are refused personal loans due to bad credit history.

Major banks and high street lenders generally turn down applications from said borrowers because of the high risks involved. This is where Golden Loans come into the picture. No matter your needs or your credit situation, we exist to help you turn your vehicle to cash today.

Who is Golden Loans?

When it comes to affordable and accessible logbook loans in the UK, Golden Loans is a trusted and leading name to partner with. We exist for one clear mission and that is to help borrowers who have ever been refused a personal loan due to bad credit get approved for a logbook loan. If you especially need quick cash to pay overdue bills, cover medical expenses or meet any personal need, you can count on Golden Loans to save the day.

Golden Loans thus far has helped numerous borrowers across UK snag a logbook loan deal at an affordable cost despite bad credit. If you're ready to apply, we promise to help you get approve for the appropriate deal as well. Or you may visit Independent UK for more loan tips and tricks.

What We Do?

Golden Loans, as mentioned, specializes in providing affordable logbook loan deals for borrowers in the UK. To ensure that our rates are cheaper and lower than the market average, we partner with other key providers and top comparison sites in the market including Money Super Market at http://www.moneysupermarket.com/loans/. To further ensure that customers will always get the best deals, we have a team of specialists who assess applications according to individual financial circumstances.

Rather than reject loan applications outright, we aim to please and help by recommending appropriate loan deals that will not only meet your needs but also your budget.

What We Offer?

At Golden Loans, you can take advantage of our same day logbook loan approval. Provided that you meet the basic requirements and you own an eligible vehicle, you can expect loan approval in 24 hours less. There is no credit check involvedno credit check involved so there's nothing to worry about your bad credit score getting in the way.

We offer flexible loan amounts from £500 to £50,000 to meet a wide variety of personal needs at a much cheaper rate than what the market offers. Loans are payable in 12 to 36 months on a monthly basis.

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for a logbook loan with Golden Loans, you only need to meet the most basic of requirements. First, you must be of legal age. Second, you must be a resident in the UK and finally, you must be a vehicle owner. Your vehicle must be less than 10 years in age and should be free of any financing to be accepted. We consider any brands and types of cars provided that it meets our eligibility criteria.

To expedite loan processing, we recommend preparing the necessary documents which may include proof of income, V5 document, MOT certificate and bank details among other things.

How to Apply?

To turn your vehicle to cash today, all you need to do is complete Golden Loans' simple and straightforward application process. Get a free quote then fill out our online application form. We will assess your application and if eligible, you will need to visit us at our office or we can send a representative at your address to complete the application process. Once approved, you can expect to receive your cash in 24 hours or less via bank transfer.